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In a darkroom and you have one match left, which do you light first, the newspaper, the candle or the lamp?

The match.

Which word is the odd one out: First- Second- Third- Forth- Fifth- Sixth- Seventh- Eighth


If a peacock can lay one egg on day 1, and lay two eggs on day 2; Logically how many eggs do you think the peacock can lay on day 3?


In the final stretch of a marathon, you quickly ran by the person who is in second place, what place are you in?


A grandfather, a father and two sons went hunting, everyone shot a duck, how many ducks did they bring home?


Who’s bigger? Mr. Bigger, Mrs. Bigger or their baby?

Their baby

A farmer has 17 sheep and all but 9 die. How many are left?


How many of each kind of animal did Moses take on the ark?


3 birds sitting on a tree branch, a hunter shoots and miss, how many birds left on the tree branch?


An Eskimo is looking out of his window at his home in Alaska. He saw a huge bear walking towards his house. What color is the bear?


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